Software Outsourcing

Outsourcing enables our clients to access highly specialized resources and pay only for the segment they use. Over the past decade, Fortune 500 companies have increasingly taken advantage of the cost effectiveness of outsourced capabilities.

AR Solutions further extends this advantage by offering clients the option of offshore development through its dedicated "Offshore Development Center" in India. This offshore model provides clients five measurable benefits:

  • Significant cost reduction (up to 50%)
  • Access to latest technologies and architectures
  • Increased focus due to isolation of development environment
  • Faster turnaround time by using the time-zone advantage
  • Reduction of recruitment, management and administrative costs

Although outsourcing has a lot of benefits, it is not without its problems. It takes a lot to ensure that the outsourcing relationship delivers value, more than just commitment and people. AR Solutions acknowledges these facts. We have built the organization to follow proven process that go beyond the book. For example, we provide our clients access to a 24/7 web based system developed by us in-house, the "Netwatch System". This helps our clients to constantly monitor progress, independently and transparently.

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